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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Stay Warm With Veggies!

As a way to help those who are cold this weekend, we are introducing our Jamaican Style Vegan Chili, which is sure to run some heat through your body...(Basmatic Rice optional)...If not our Chili, nothing will warm you up better than a great cup of Hot Soup...Available today is Red & White Beans Soup with vegetables...All our meals and soups are seasoned and spiced with a Jamaican style flavoring, providing all customers with a great tasting Vegan experience...We also have Vegetable (Wheat Crust) Patties & Veggie (Vegan) Chicken Patties for anyone looking for something on the go...Today also marks the debut of our Vegan Carrot-Banana & Peanut Butter Cake so feel Free to Treat Yourself to a healthy snack!!!...

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Baby Smoothies
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