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Friday, October 22, 2010

Warm Up Weekends With VEGGIES!

Its Cold Out, so let us help you stay Warm!...This Weekend Veggies Natural Juice Bar has on its menu our infamous Jamaican Vegan Chili (served with rice & avocado [optional])...We also have another big pot of our Vegan Butter-Nut Squash & White-Beans Soup w/ vegetables available to send the right kind of warmth through your structure...Have a cup for lunch or dinner today!...your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed!!!...To Top Everything Off, for dessert, Treat Yourself to a piece of Vegan SWEET Potato or Carrot Cake...Taste Great and Its Vegan, So its a Win Win Situation...we also have our regular Vegan Delights...The Veggie & Veg. Chicken Patties go great with any one of our All Natural Fruits and/or Vegetables Juices & Smoothies...Try our Peanut Punch for some serious protein, carbs and energy, not to mention it will fill you and Keep You Up!...

IF You Haven't Already, Stop In Today or this Weekend and try anything and I'm sure you'll be content with becoming a Regular Face @ Veggies!

Have A Bless'ed Day & Weekend...See You Soon!

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Baby Smoothies
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