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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sweet Potato Vegan Cake

Our Vegan Cakes are the Best! The Best thing about them is that they're Vegan! The texture of our cakes would lead one to believe that it isnt Vegan (no animal by-products, butter, milk, eggs,etc...) due to the bad reputation vegan pastries have for being 'dry'. Veggies Natural Juice Bar however, has definetly done our part in changing that bad perception. This Sweet Potato Vegan Cake is one of many that can be found at Veggies on any given day. Our cakes are never 'dry', always 'moist', and always 'Taste Great'. Stop In Today and Become a Believer in The Best Vegan Cakes around!

Veggies' Sweet Potato Vegan Cake Looks Great & Taste Even Better!

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