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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Vote For Your Favorite Soup & Have A Free Cup Of The Winning Soup on the Eve of Thanksgiving (Nov.24)

"Calling All Soup Lovers"

Veggies Natural Juice Bar is Giving Away a Pot of our Healthy & Tasty Vegan Soup for Thanksgiving. This is merely a small token of our appreciation for All our Supporters and Customers who have made it possible for our first three months of business on Franklin Ave. to have gone well. We are grateful for the recepetion we've recieved from the neighborhood for bringing "Healthy Alternatives" to everyones normal diet which we will demonstrate on Nov.24 (Thanksgiving Eve)
As A Result Of AllYour Support, Veggies will be giving away a Pot Of YOUR Favorite Soup to prepare you for Thanksgiving. If you've already had our soup, Vote now for your favorite on the Vote Poll above. If you haven't managed to grab a cup as of yet, come in and try the soup of the day and if you'd like a free cup of that soup, Vote For It! You can Vote for More than One Soup if you just cant decide Which Is Your Favorite.
Everyday We Prepare A Fresh Pot of Vegan Soup so the flavors will vary Daily. Every Soup is prepared with Jamaican Style Seasoning & Spicing, giving our Vegan Soup an amazing Taste!

We do offer Free Samples for the Unsure. We are confident in the fact that you will want to buy a cup after you taste it, unless you like to punish & tease yourselves. Stop By and Warm Up Your Soul With Some Healthy Soup.

Vote For A Free Cup Of Vegan Soup Today!

"This November We are Giving to say Thanks!

1 comment:

  1. I had the Mung bean and kale soup. Delicious!! But $8 for a large is too much...


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