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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Our Lunch & Dinner Menu has been Upgraded!

With the times getting colder by the day, its only right that we at Veggies provide you with some Warm Meals to make up for the cold weather. Everyday you can come to Veggies and enjoy a Hot Vegan Dish which will vary daily for the most part. Our Dinner Dishes are only $8, and they include Rice, Vegetables, Lomein, & Vegan Foods (Soy Chunks, Citrus Ribs, Tofu, etc..) Everything is seasoned and flavored with our Jamaican Spice, giving our Vegan Meals a taste like none other.

Vegan Stew served w/ Basmati Rice & Steam Veggies

We have the BEST Veggie Burgers on Franklin Ave., and we are sure that they'd enlighten your tastebuds. These Burgers (Soy or Garden) which are made with or without Soy, are only $5...$8 with a side order (vegetables, potato salad, etc..) and your getting every bit of your money's worth. So far, most have said its the "Best Veggie Burger They've Ever Tasted..." Let us know what you think.

We also have a Memorable Jamaican Vegan Chili that taste even better when its cold outside. The Flavor and Spice will be sure to get your chest warm. Our Chili is a must have! We serve the Chili by itself for $5 (16oz cup) or with rice and vegetables for $8...satisfaction guarenteed!

We Now Serve "Live" Raw Vegan Dishes. Raw meaning it isn't cooked on a stove or with fire, simple prepared naturally.  This is Raw Pasta (zucchini & squash, covered with a raw tomato sauce, pesto sauce, and cashew cheese sauce) with a side of Thai Vegetables on top, giving this Raw Meal a very Lively Taste.

If your not in the mood for a Dinner, a cup of our Vegan Soup will always satisfy your needs. We had our Soup give away last month, with the winning soup being the Whitebeans & Barley tied with the Butternut Squash & Whitebeans...We will continue our Favorite Soup give away right throughout the winter, so have a soup today and vote for your favorite, which will be given away for FREE on New Years Eve.

Make a trip to VEGGIES NATURAL JUICE BAR a new Habit!

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