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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Veggies' Monthly Soup Giveaway!

Every month during this winter we will give away an entire pot of Veggie Soup. Which soup is solely determined by which ever one is Voted as the Favorite Soup of the month. Simple enough right? Just select one of our Soups as your favorite from the poll to the right corner of the page, and the winning Soup will be given away to all Voters and Customers on New Years Eve(Fri) for Free. You're basically voting for your own Free Cup of Veggies' Soup. That sounds like a deal to me. Click a button and Enjoy a Free Cup of Hot, Hearty & Healthy Veggie Soup during this cold winter which we seem to be in store for.

There's only a couple days left to Vote, so do it Now!

Have a Blessed New Year!

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Baby Smoothies

Baby Smoothies
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