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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


The 'STEW' smoothie...(spinach, banana, & ginger goodness!)

The weather has been great and many evenings we catch ourelves staying open past our usually closing time at 7pm, so we figured it'd be best to simply stay open until 8pm. That just means now you have more time to get in your needed fruit & vegetables servings per day from Veggies Natural Juice Bar. Any one of our "Franklin Ave" special smoothies or juices will provide you with more than enough veggies and fruits needed to mainrain a healthy diet. These specials include a couple of the more popular drinks on Franklin Ave. in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY., which are The 'STEW & BROWNIE' Smoothies. Both are a magical combination of fruits & veggies blended together to create a Unique and Memorable, and in many cases, Addictive Taste. Have One Today if your Arent Already Familiar!

The 'BROWNIE' smoothie...(taste as good as chocolate but its not, just fruits and veggies...berries,mango,& Greens!)

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  1. previously unthinkable to mix the vegetables with the ginger. Usually to add a sweet thrill, I add the honey in my vegetable juice


Baby Smoothies

Baby Smoothies
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