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Monday, September 19, 2011


Im sure im not the only one that caught a lil cold during that crazy weather change last week...had to go home in short and slippers smh lol...luckily im at work drinking everything thats suppose to help me get well soon...more specifically a shot of wheatgrass, a cold relief vegetable juice (carrot,ginger,garlic,parsley),  herbal tea, and some of the best Vegan/Veggie Soup in the world with a heavy splash of cayanne pepper, so you must know im not tryna have this cold for long...if you need similar help/care for your cold/flu, ill take care of that for you at Veggies Natural Juice Bar...jus come by for your cure!!!


  1. People get cold in changing weather because they don't change with the weather. By change I mean change in the diet according to the weather. Body needs to cope up with the environmental changes happening outside the body. If a person eat natural and seasonal foods he can prevent getting cold.

    Lucas Moore

  2. To prevent cold I know another medicinal foods and this is Ganoderma extract. It is very much effective.

  3. You blog provide a very important details about the Vegetarian and i really appreciate it.


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