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Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year, New Health

Happy New Year to every one! Veggies wants to wish everyone more life, love, & prosperity for the new year and beyond.

In the spirit of the New Year, why not change some things for the better, starting with your Health. We all wish we were just a little healthier, whether it be our losing some weight or changing eating/drinking habits, any and everything can be improved for the better. If your health is something you'd like to improve on, let Veggies be of some assistance. With healthy eating and drinking options, we will provide a pathway to better health.
A secret to losing weight is to eat less and drink more. The key is to drink the right things. Drink to supplement for food, giving your body less weight but equal nutrition with your meals.
Naturally made juices are always better then store bought products, for the simple fact that your getting exactly what you're seeing. Drinking vegetables and fruits will improve every one's health, by enriching your bloodstream with essential vitamins and minerals, providing for your body and immune system the necessary foods to operate on a normal basis. We have great Veggie (Vegan) Soups, Fruit & Vegetables Juices Drinks, Smoothies, and Sports (protein) Shakes to fill any gap for a meal that you missed for the day. Come to Veggies for something Healthy to Eat & Drink simultaneously.


  1. Hey I love this place. Thanks for all the good meals! I haven't even had any smoothies yet. I'm looking forward to that sometime soon. Maybe some morning. Speaking of which, when do you open? (in the morning) I haven't found your hours yet...

    - Rick (usually comes on Saturday lunch)

  2. Thanks Rick...we open at 10am right now, during this cold winter season, but as soon as the weather breaks a little we will open sooner, probably 8 or 7am. Im glad you like everything thus far. We appreciate your business and look forward to your continuous support.


Baby Smoothies

Baby Smoothies
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